5 Reasons why the low/no code solutions that we use, benefit you.

Todays, low/no code platforms are changing the way people and businesses create online tools.

According to Statista, the global low code market revenue is forecasted to reach 65 billion dollars in 2027, compared with 13 billion dollars in 2020. Gartner predicts that by 2023, more than 50% of medium to large companies will adopt low code or no code as one of their most strategic platforms. It used to be a time where creating and designing a website seemed like a long run for a lot of people, unless creative coding were your thing, or you had a big budget.

"These tools have democratized a room that was once governed by programers, and so much the better!"

It all started back in the 1990s and early 2000s, when rapid application development tools sped up the low-code revolution by using model-driven design, automatic code generators, and visual programming, which led to the birth of the low/no code platforms that exist today. Now, however, these tools have democratized a room that was once governed by programers, and so much the better!

But maybe you are wondering what is a low/no code solution?

Basically, low/code platforms enable programmers and non-programmers alike to create websites, apps without writing code. While software development was once the exclusive domain of programmers and developers, now anyone including designers, business owners, content creators, your neighbor … can build a platform on their own.

While the low code enables the creation of more advanced applications with a minimal or basic knowledge of coding, the no code allows people to create a fully functional platform and website without any programming knowledge at all. All of that is possible due to the drag-and-drop technology allowing us to build blocks and templates for websites and apps in the easiest way.  And it does not mean there is no more code, it’s still there prearranged into bite-sized visual elements that creators can use to start designing right away. So, in the end, you still get the functionality of CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript but the building process is more efficient and simpler.

It does not mean you can do anything you want creating a platform if you want a good SEO strategy, be W3C compliant or simply have a great design that makes sense and give your clients-audience the best user experience they deserve. But no worries, that is our job to make sure you get the best of the capabilities of these digital tools.

5 reasons why the low/no code solutions we use, benefit you:

1- Allow to focus on web design and adaptability

The first good reason is actually two good reasons. First these solutions allow designers to focus on web design and user experience prior to the launch stage, where drag-and-drop tools can be used to build the initial model, when there was a time you needed the involvement of a developer, making the process way more long. Secondly, because this process of building and producing software is faster and less complex, it speeds up the time it takes to produce new pages and applications, so it’s easier to get feedback from you along the building journey, helping to keep up with changes really quickly.

2- Give you the control

Once we deliver you the final product platform, you are added to the content system management back-office, and get full access to it. For instance, we can build for Artists and designers a custom website to showcase their portfolio, displaying their work online while also highlighting their style and skills through their site design. Likewise, we can provide small business owners websites, apps and even software to promote and sell their products online. Once it’s designed, created and launched, you are able to manage your content online, by yourself after we provide them a quick trainee, for any updates or content change without risks. You also reach us to edit your content anytime. It gives your full power and ownership to your project(s).

3- Offer a top level security & great customer services

Whether you’re using our solutions, or you develop your own website, security is one of the biggest matters when it comes to the internet. And sometimes it can sound very difficult to understand the different steps and processes to be fully secure. While the zero-risk does not exist, the solutions we use are the safest on the internet right now. All our custom management systems platforms provide safe options that we make sure to follow. From ssl protocols to secure hosting providers, private account, block chain security, using a top ten world market solutions tool is the best guarantee for a safe space.

Because these platforms are safe and we know them, there is no place for issues. Again, the zero-risk does not exist but each of our tools have great backup systems, a 24/7 reachable customer service and on top of that our team is here to back you up if anything is in the frontline.

4- Provide great Marketing

One of the most important, if not the most important, is that the tools that we use all gather up the right insight, KPI and data at the same place. These numbers and information are crucial and will benefit you. If you want to understand and increase your traffic, we can start from there as we provide digital marketing service, or you can also do it by yourself if you are comfortable with it. Because everything is centralized in one place, we can easily set up emailing automations, update and adapt your pages regarding the insight analysis, work on your SEO page by page…

5- Inspire Creativity

The fact that we use different low/no code tools allows us to provide great design, to offer great and affordable website that are accessible for every type and category of people, and to understand our clients needs. Company, independent business, hobbyist. We work with you and help you to turn your creative visions into reality.

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